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Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd is known for immaculate handling of projects smaller to large in parts and on a turnkey basis. Our professionals do specialize in jobs like wall panelling, stone flooring, intricate carving, and cladding and specialize in natural and artificial stone work.

Natural stone experts are excellent at executing both private and public projects, usually villas, hotels and shopping malls. Our company is operating since the year 2000 and is now equipped with the entire team of experts, excellent engineers, architects who accomplish each and every project successfully.

Catering to Various Projects

For the past 10-15 years, Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd is meeting the specific and growing demands of hotel industry, rooftop gardens, landscaping, homes and commercial complexes. Our main specialization lies in the hotel industry but we are equally capable at delivering home renovation and office remodelling projects with great confidence.

Till now, we have catered farmhouses, hotels, traditional homes where a lot of stone work is needed, parks, cultural pillars and stone works, landscape, walk street, exhibition building. Our professionals are excellent at indoor projects, balustrade works, wall stone usage, outside wall stone work, interior and exterior flooring, creating unique halls and in Shanxi Black work.

The Chief Inspiration behind Our Work

At Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd, you will find the exact replica of stone craft work whose inspiration is drawn from Indo-Mughal architecture and even modern products for interior and exterior designing, superior architecture work.

We have a team of master craftsmen, highly skilled carvers who have descended from the whole renowned dynasty of artisans responsible for fostering fascinating craft and stone work. They have created beautiful hotel lobby, elevator hoist way, white pearl project, pure white marble, wall stone work and high building.

Our Extensive Range of Products

At our store, you will find an extensive range of sandstone items and products like carved columns, ornamental pillars, panels and arches, trellises, hanging balconies and facades. We have accomplished very attractive garden projects to suit the taste of our clients. Beautiful multi-coloured pebbles simply created a wonder world. The great confidence of our clients in us, depict our sheer professionalism.

Why Choose Us?

We are capable of supplying every kind of natural stone and completing every project, whether large or small. Let us know your requirements in terms of applications, colours, styles and patterns.

In the past, our professionals have delivered unique and very unusual projects like Pure White Marble Project and Pearl White Marble Project that needed specific cuts of stones or cut to size stones for bespoke finishes, super-size panels, book matching and swimming pools. You can also expect to get stone sourcing services from us for unique projects where quality is paramount.

With an extensive range of queries, 10-15 years of experience in natural stone work, multi-lingual communication platform, Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd is sure to get the best results for you.