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Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd took birth in the 2000s and now it has become the most reputed and professional manufacturer, exporter of natural stones in China and Fujian Province. With over 10 years of industry experience, we can offer competitive products at reliable rates. Most of the stones we provide are quarried in China like the popular ones G603, G682, G654 and G682, Lava Stone, China Black and Shanxi Black and various other popular stones that are offered all across the globe. Major places where we export are Europe, Australia and the United States. Our stone materials range between Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate, Basalt, Quartzite, etc and we at Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd, take immense pride in our quality products that are delivered timely and in good condition.

When you talk about Natural Stones, they are the direct gift from Mother Earth. It takes millions of years for our Mother Nature to create extremely charming natural stones. Various factors impact the colour, the looks and graining of the natural stones like temperature changes, underground springs, natural deposits of minerals and salts, earth shifts and the great pressure stones have to bear. In fact, there is no way of duplicating such factors in artificial manufacturing environments or laboratories. Every block of natural stone extracted from the bed of nature is totally different from what can be fostered by mankind. By delivering superior quality stone we bring to life your design ideas.


What Is Our Specialty?

Our competitive product range encompasses stone tiles, slabs, kitchen stone countertops, skirting, vanity tops, window sills, marble and stone fireplaces, stone sinks, stones of outdoor patios, columns, steps, stairs, decks, mosaics and borders, stones for gardens, swimming pools, monuments, historical buildings and tombs. In short, we can assist you in the entire home and office remodelling.

When it comes to surface finishing, the real elegance of the natural stone shines with quality finishes. Our range of surface finishing include sandblasted, honed, flamed, bush hammered and rough hammered, mushroom, rough picked, etc and the edge finishing range includes the bull nose, eased, cove, ogee, both laminated and non-laminated, DuPont, bevelled, etc.

We have accumulated years of experience in the production of natural stones, exploration and proper management. Our staffs are very dedicated and diligent in offering quality customer care services like a timely shipment of quality products at market competitive rates. We are deeply committed to clients who constantly offer their understanding and support to us.

Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd is there to supply quality natural stones to suit every kind of budget.